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Welcome to Seodra Dreams!

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Sarah, and I’m excited be able to introduce you to the website for my handmade jewellery business: Seodra Dreams!

I learnt how to make jewellery as a teenager, and I've enjoyed dabbling in it ever since. In May 2019, I decided to take a risk and turn my hobby into a business! I settled on ‘Seodra Dreamsfor my business name because ‘Seodra’ (pronounced show-drah) is the Irish word for jewellery, and I had so many design ideas floating around my head that I was practically dreaming of jewellery! Thus: Seodra (aka jewellery) Dreams! 😉

I started off selling on Etsy, and then I discovered! Market Street is an online marketplace for Irish designers, artists and creators to sell their products. I love selling my jewellery alongside lots of other small Irish businesses and artists there:

I feel so lucky to have come this far, and I’m excited to see how my business grows from here. I‘m so thankful for every order I’ve received since I began this endeavour - It‘s a great feeling to know other people like my creations enough to purchase them! So, thank you again to all my wonderful customers, and everyone else that has helped and supported me along the way! ♥️

Again, welcome to 🙌 I hope you love my new website as much as I do!

Sarah xx

Leixlip, Ireland

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